In 2009, ENKON formed a Sustainability Committee to itemize its environmental impacts and to recommend measures to address those impacts.  The committee utilized an approach promoted by the Vermont Business Environmental Partnership, a program whose goal is to encourage 'beyond compliance' measures that result in a smaller environmental footprint.

The Sustainability Committee formalized ENKON’s corporate sustainability policy which states that ENKON will:

  • Lessen our impact on the local and global environment by conserving energy, water and other natural resources, preventing and reducing waste generation, and purchasing environmentally preferable products
  • Monitor our environmental performance for compliance with applicable regulations and with the Code of Ethics of the College of Applied Biology, and strive to do better than required whenever possible and appropriate
  • Integrate environmental factors into our business decisions
  • Regularly review, improve and publicize our environmental performance
  • Continuously seek more successful and cost effective ways to help clients conserve resources, prevent pollution and protect and enhance natural ecosystems
  • Build upon our reputation for sound and effective advice to clients on environmental matters

While identifying its environmental impacts, ENKON realized it was already doing many good things, like:

  • Extensively using Webex to eliminate the need to travel to client locations for meetings and training sessions 
  • Selecting “Energy Star” equipment when purchasing new electronics 
  • Producing electronic (paperless) reports, proposals and invoices whenever the client does not require hard copies
  • Sending electronic rather than paper Christmas cards to clients (implemented in 2008)
  • Printing on 50% post-consumer content recycled paper
  • Whenever possible re-using large mailing envelopes that we receive
  • Recycling all waste office paper, cardboard, ink/toner cartridges from printers and photocopiers, and retired computer equipment
  • Providing employee kitchens with re-usable cups, plates, cutlery, coffee filter baskets, dish cloths and dish towels, and automatic dishwashers
  • Recycling any waste metal and plastic containers from employees’ lunches
  • Composting food scraps from the office’s employee kitchen
  • Adhering to a regular maintenance cycle for company vehicles to ensure optimal gasoline consumption and minimize emissions

In 2010 ENKON has focused on implementing the following green practices:

  • Formalizing its recycling efforts by hiring a recycling vendor who provides information about the weight of materials diverted from the landfill.
  • Formalizing its environmentally preferable purchasing efforts and evaluating all office supplies purchased with the environment in mind
  • Quantifying the amount of food waste diverted from the landfill through office kitchen composting
  • Donating time and money to a local environmental organization that focus on environmental education at the high school level
  • Formalized a duplex policy whereby all documents sent to the printer are, by default, duplexed