EasyMap  takes advantage of the power of GIS to provide an unparalleled mapping experience in environmental and land management.  Building locations, property boundaries, linear corridors, transmission lines,  environmental sensitive areas, are but a few examples of the type of information that can be displayed on maps. By linking the location of your company resources to the knowledge about them stored in the database through a map interface, provides the user with a very intuitive management tool to assist in decision making and analysis.

Through a centralized application, such as Viridian or Integral, this information can easily be distributed to a wide range of users in a very cost effective manner. 

Our interactive mapping module includes a toolset that allows users to perform standard GIS functions, including pan, zoom in and out, and zoom to scale, print, effortlessly. Our intelligent selection tools provide context-sensitive pop-ups with relevant choices that allow users to access an array of data sets with a click on the map.

ENKON has a number of options for providing mapping functionality to our land and environmental management systems to address the wide range of needs of our users from needing only simple maps to those requiring very complex map representations and functionality. EasyMap is fully integrated with ESRI's ArcGIS Server.

ENKON offers a number of base mapping layers that can be added to your maps. Examples of some of these layers include:

  • Google Map layers (aerial photography and the road network)
  • USGS Raster Images for the entire United States
  • National Wetland Inventory (US coverage)
  • SSURGO (US coverage)