ENKON’s land management application suite, Integral CloudWorks, gives land managers a comprehensive collection of software tools to administer their land assets and portfolios more effectively and efficiently. From managing leases and contracts to paying taxes, Integral will assist in reducing time spent on routine tasks and through email reminders and task tracking, critical items will not be missed. This suite addresses the following business processes:


  • Site and Facility Management:  Integral has a number of forms to manage information related to your sites and facilities. Addresses, contacts, product lines, ownership, size, status are but a few types of information that can be entered onto these forms and reported on through the ad hoc report writer.

  • Permit/Licenses: Every manager needs to track key dates and conditions associated with a plant or facility’s permits. Permits frequently have many regulatory conditions that must be met on very rigid schedules. Set up e-mail reminders and triggers on any date field and never miss a deadline.
  • Property Management: Add legal descriptions, parcel size, addresses and geographic coordinates for all of your properties to easily access your total portfolio at a touch of a button.
  • Agreements/Contracts: From leases on office space to long-term royalty agreements on reserves, Integral tracks dates, payments, contacts, and a range of other information related to these very important processes. Set up detailed schedules of payments for each agreement.
  • Reserves: Track the exploitation of your reserves using a choice of three different methods and record the quality of the reserve.
  • Taxes: Track information related to property taxes from the assessment stage until all installment payments are made to the taxing authority. If an appeal is made, the system will also keep a record of the appeal process.
  • Acquisitions/Divestments: Buying and selling property and assets is a critical responsibility for land managers. Keep track of information related to a property through the purchase and sale process. With one click, all this information is automatically added to, or removed, from your land portfolio.
  • Site Mapping: Use our advanced mapping module to show property boundaries, layout of your facilities and many other land features. Through Google maps, you can include aerial photos for your site.


Brochure: Integral for Utilities


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