Environmental management is a critical business need for any organization. Viridian, our environmental management application suite is, comprised of a number of web-based software tools that assist your team in managing diverse environmental activities and requirements from tracking permit obligations to recording information about environmental and safety incidents.

Our environmental management application suite, Viridian CloudWorks,  is used to create an Environmental Management System (EMS) that is tailored to your way of doing business. It includes a number of modules to address your environmental business processes such as:


A more detailed description of the components of  Viridian is as follows:


Module Description
Site and Facility Profiles The Viridian environmental management application suite includes a number of forms that are designed to manage general information related to your sites and facilities. Addresses, contacts, and environmental activities, are but a few types of information that can be managed by these forms.

Permits, Licences, Tracking Every manager needs to track key dates and conditions associated with a facility’s permits. Often, permits have many regulatory conditions that must be met on a very rigid schedule. Viridian will keep track of these dates and conditions and provide weekly reminders of upcoming activities.

Spills/Incidents Spill of materials can happen in any organization. Maintain a detailed record of a spill including where, when, who was notified, corrective actions taken, and so on using Viridians’ spill module.

Tank Attributes/Inspections Information on location of tanks, tank volumes and contents are just a few of the many attributes that are tracked in our tank module. Add inspection dates to the calendar/e-mail reminder system to have automatic notification of inspections.

Compliance/Violations Keeping an accurate record of compliance issues is a critical management requirement of any organization. This information assists in resolving underlying operational problems contributing to non-compliance within one or more facilities. The module keeps an accurate and long-term record of compliance.

Document Manager Secure your documents for the long term and never worry about losing information again. Documents can have up to four security levels to ensure complete protection of your information.

Audits The audit module can be used in simple to very complex audits. The package comes with preset Protocols, Qualifiers and thousands of questions. Use the standard questions or create your own to tailor the audit program to your needs.

Asbestos Management Buildings containing asbestos must be managed following the many regulatory requirements of the local jurisdiction. Viridian will assist in keeping an accurate inventory of asbestos-containing buildings and their status in terms of asbestos content and removal.

Contaminated Sites Maintain a library of all reports generated for a contaminated site, what contamination exists at each property, and keep a list of contacts for the property from the past to the present. 

Storm Water/Waste Water Management From managing analytical data to creating DMR compliance reports automatically, this module will reduce the day-to-day routine. Adding the monitoring dates to the compliance calendar generates automatic e-mail reminders.

GreenHouse Gases  Manage your greenhouse gas emissions by asset or rolled up to a division.

Mapping/GIS Integration  See the geographical locations of  your environmental features on a map using our advanced mapping system. Each feature can be linked to an extensive amount of data related to that feature.



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