Viridian has two Audit modules. The basic Audit module (our “Lite” version) is designed for individuals who are not trained auditors. It is typically used by staff members who have been requested to undertake an informal review (e.g., safety or environmental reviews) of their operation prior to the organization undertaking a full scale audit. The "Advanced" Audit module is used for full scale audit programs and requires more in-depth training.

Both Audit modules are used in safety and environmental audits. The functionality is similar between the modules but the Protocols, Qualifiers, and Questions are completely different.  Some of the key features of the Audit module include:

  • Assigning corrective actions to findings
  • Assigning person responsible for corrective actions
  • Tracking corrective actions until closure
  • Categorizing findings as open, pending or closed
  • Setting security rights so only authorized users can use the audit module
The Lite version is designed with a fewer number of protocols and uses simpler questions. The Advanced Audit module, on the other hand, is populated with more than 5000 questions, which could be used or not, depending on your companies requirements. The Advanced module allows the user to create their own set of Protocols, Qualifiers and Questions, providing you with complete flexibility.  


The Audit module includes two web components that are used to track corrective actions and tasks related to these corrective actions.  For example, a user can track tasks associated with a corrective action, which is related to an Incident. Some of the key features of these components include:


  • Create corrective actions and tasks
  • Notify stakeholders by e-mail
  • Track, monitor and close corrective actions
  • Setup one or many tasks per corrective action
  • Setup e-mail reminders for each task on any frequency