Amtrak is a quasi-government organization with responsibility for both line and rolling stock across the USA. In 1998, Amtrak commissioned ENKON to create the Environmental Management Information System (EMIS) based on the enviroLIS application suite to manage information for their more than 200 maintenance facilities across the US. Amtrak was under an extremely tight deadline to respond to new legislative requirements, and because they did not have the staff available to populate the new system, ENKON became responsible for visiting most of the Amtrak facilities to obtain the necessary information. Tens of thousands of sensitive documents were scanned on site and converted to PDF files, which were then indexed and uploaded into the system.

With each facility as its central focus, the system manages text-based data, photographs, video, and a document control system related to managing properties, environmental compliance activities, permits, etc., associated with rail and yard operations.  Subsequent additions have focused on permits and licenses,  with related tasks set up in the Conditions Tracker module so that staff are reminded of due dates, and managers can track completion. Additional enhancements include a self-contained module for conducting environmental and safety audits, with separate versions for the layman or expert user, a new print module for creating annotated maps from the GIS component, an updated Report Writer and Document Management System, the integrated line- and facility-based Spills tracking module, and components of a Safety module. 

Public Transport Authority - Western Australia

ENKON was contracted by the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia (PTA) to create, deliver, and host the Land and Transport Information System (LATIS). Following the initial deployment, other departments within the PTA saw the potential of using the system to meet their needs. The initial goal was to respond to new Australian legislation requiring all instances of land contamination to be reported. The first deployment was a geographically referenced Contaminated Sites module with standard report templates, clear navigational ability, and user access security. LATIS provided a secure on-line environment to add and edit data, and report on the progress of contaminated sites remediation. This deployment was extremely successful, remains the sole source of this data that is constantly updated, and has been built upon every year, enabling other PTA departments to leverage the initial investment.. 

Kansas City Southern

KCS has recently started using the new Viridian application suite to assit them in environmental management of their operations. They are using a full complement of Viridian modules including: Permit complicance, Incidents, Audits, Analytical Data Management, and Stormwater Management. The first module  to roll out have been Permit Compliance and the Analytical Data Management, including the DMR feature.. 


"Since deploying the initial Contaminated Sites module, we have partnered with ENKON and grown our system to include the management of Asbestos Sites, Infrastructure Management and a Fault Reporting System. The organic nature of enviroLIS has allowed us to grow our system in tandem with the ongoing expansion of our business processes."

Laurie Piggott
Planning and Property,
Public Transport Authority
Western Australia