Integral for Utilities

In addition to Integral's Land Management Modules, a number of modules are designed specifically for the Utilities industry as follows:

Transmission Projects

Organize your Transmission project information, add drawings by type, and identify location by division and county. Track property statistics such as acquisitions, condemnations, documents and signatures acquired, subordinate properties, and total crossings.

Transmission Easements

Manage your easements related to your transmission projects, and find the properties with ease. Query the data by many filters such as by crossings, property name, or signer. Generate tailored reports using the Report Writer for personalized and powerful reporting.

Distribution Projects

Organize your distribution projects and manage project information such as contact details,  easement documents, and notes. Track work estimates and other financial data and specify tract and recordation details. Manage financial considerations such as appraisals, considerations, and license fees. Assign tasks and upload photos.

Distribution Easements

Manage your easements attached to a distribution project, or filter the results of the data for a refined record-set. Sort results by work estimates, crossings, property name or ID, document ID, signer, agent, or recordation. Generate tailored reports using the Report Writer for personalized and powerful reporting.

Shoreline Permits

The Shoreline Permit module will manage all of your permits and permit requirements for your reservoirs. Create, revise, and print permits, define type, assign water body and contractor, track tax parcels, and manage permittee information. Add detailed accounts for agents, associations, and history.

Shoreline Encroachments

Encroachment on your reservouir needs to be managed. Through the Encroachment module identify the water body, encroachment type, and associated permit numbers. Add the encroachment activities and the  actions needed to be taken. Track identification and contact information for contractors, permittee/landowners, and workers on site. Add records for internal consultation, communications, and resolutions.

Shoreline Assets

The Shoreline Assets module is closely linked to the Shoreline Permit module. View the full record-set of the shoreline assets that are under permit, or filter the results by structures, permittee, modification, or location. Further sort results by water body, permit number, status, and application date.


Track a full suite of condemnation-related information from the filing date to right-of-entry date, court details, style of case, and the complete set of property details for multiple properties.

Site Visits/Audits

Site visits will be undertaken from many purposes to manage your assets. Manage site visit details and findings by compartment name and inspector. Track property details and in-depth compartment properties, from location to water body and risk level.