The Integral Platform

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The Integral platform is a land and environmental management suite of web-based applications designed to help your organization more effectively manage your land assets.  Manage your properties, operations, buildings, and linear corridors, including the land rights related to these assets, such as easements, leases, and ROW agreements, all in a centralized repository.

Integral is a configurable platform, built by land managers for land managers. With over 20 land and environmental management modules, you can pick and choose the modules that suit your business processes and only pay for what you need. The system is available in a subscription based model where ENKON will host and manage the system for you or ENKON can offer an on-premise solution.

Powerful GIS plugins provide an unparalleled mapping experience completely integrated with your land database. GIS experts can access all necessary information directly from the map and obtain up-to-date data in real time.

Using the Integral platform, managers can create individual profiles for each user of the system and set-up appropriate permissions for each module. Users will be able to either view, edit, or add data into each module’s form, providing the security needed for your data. The Integral platform allows for custom development to better suit your specific needs, when required.

Integral contains powerful reporting tools, where managers can monitor user access and their permissions with just a few clicks.

  • Browser-based for easy deployment
  • Centralized Data Efficiencies allow powerful reporting
  • Customized to your business’s specific process requirements
  • Secure Data is encrypted
  • Standardized approach to land management
  • Centralized location for all your land asset data
  • Organic Framework so the system can grow with your needs
  • Leveraged solution so that an investment by one user group may increase the functionality of the system for a second group
  • GIS Mapping integration with your GIS department’s maps


ENKON’s packages and related modules are developed by land managers for land management. Pick and choose the packages/modules that suit your business processes. Pay only for what you need. The available packages/modules include:


  • Sites/Operations
  • Properties
  • Facilities
  • Land Rights (Agreements, Leases, Easements, Licenses)
  • Permits (Operating, Environment and many more)
  • Reserves
  • Taxes
  • Acquisitions and Divestments


  • Reservoirs and Shoreline Management
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Encroachments
  • Surveillance
  • Condemnation


  • Permit Management and Compliance
  • Audits and Compliance
  • Analytical Data Management and Discharge Monitoring


  • Task Tracking and email reminders
  • Photo Management
  • Documents Management and Report Writer
  • Contacts Management
  • Notes
  • Administration and Security


ENKON’s powerful mapping allows for merging together base maps (such as Google Maps), your parcels boundaries, ROW corridors, and the Integral platform’s land data into one simply to use mapping interface. Navigate your data visually and prepare map-focused reports.