Government Systems

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ENKON has created a number of solutions for government organizations using the Integral platform. A few examples are as follows:

Republic of Botswana

ENKON designed and deployed a land management system for the Government of Botswana’s Ministry of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services. This system addresses a substantial number of business processes undertaken by a number of Ministries, Town Councils, and Land Boards. Through the use of the Integral platform, a system was developed consisting of seven major packages that includes Deeds Registry, a suite of modules to track land-related applications and transactions, powerful mapping capability, a lease management system to track the leases for the various departments, a planning package to track the development and approval of development plans. The system manages the ownership and allocation of land for the 2.2 million people of Botswana. ENKON also uploaded a substantial amount of legacy data and created pathways for integration with a number of other government systems.

“We are pleased to be working with ENKON, as they are ideally positioned to manage and implement this unique Land Information System for us.”

Thato Raphaka Permanent Secretary of the Republic of Botswana. 

Washington State Conservation Commission

Another special project was undertaken for the Washington State Conservation Commission related to conservation projects. A system was developed to track state and county conservation projects including the finances and approvals for these projects. The system is called: “CPDS”. It tracks Habitat Restoration Projects of various types, such as fencing, channel reconstruction, livestock watering, and riparian planting, to name a few, from the issue of grants through to the implementation and follow-up effectiveness monitoring stages of a project. ENKON has been working with this organization for many years and recently has undertaken a major upgrade to the system. Mapping was also a significant component of the project.