Construction Materials/Aggregates


Integral-LIS for the construction materials and the aggregate industries is tailored to met the needs unique to companies that manage aggregate and quarry operations, cement plants, concrete distribution, asphalt plants, and building product operations. The Integral-LIS solution manages land processes related to your operations, properties, facilities, agreements, permits, reserves, taxes, and much more. All data is kept in one centralized location along with powerful reporting capabilities. Do not miss a critical expiry date on a key agreement again.

Key modules included with the Integral are:

The Operation/Sites module defines your organization’s operations by the business unit they belong to. Key operating information is managed in the module and includes document management, contacts, photo management, and other location information such as mailing and physical addresses. Add the coordinates of the Site and it will automatically show up on a map.

The Properties module is used to track information about parcels of land owned or leased by your organization. It contains information about the location of the parcel, its ownership, operating status, legal description, agreements, land use and much more. Because the Integral platform offers a centralized location for all solutions, the Properties module can easily be linked to other modules, like Permit,  Leases and Facilities. Photos  and documents of the property can be stored using the Photos utility and Documents utility, respectively. Using the Task Tracking utility, users can configure their own task and email reminders, or managers can set-up the tasks and assign them to individual team members.

The Agreements module is used to track the leases, easements, contracts, RoW, licenses, and so on, associated with a particular property, owned or leased by your organization. Using the Integral Agreements module, you will be able to track the terms and conditions for each agreement, along with the Payment Terms and the Payments made against the agreement. Each agreement tracked in the system can be associated with the property or the facility that the agreement is related to. The Agreements module is integrated with the Tasks and Email reminders utility. By setting up tasks and email reminders, you will never miss the renewal of your agreement.

The Licenses and Permits module tracks information about the licenses and/or permits throughout your organization and allows you to stay ahead of permit/license obligations. The License and Permits module offers an easy way to enter and store the permit/license terms, key dates, and payments, all in one centralized location.

By entering the key dates of your permit, you will know when the permit/license will expire and you can also use the Email Reminder feature and receive email notifications before your permit will expire. The email notifications can be as frequent as you want and sent to all key people, like the person responsible to renew the permit, the manager, or the person responsible for updating Integral with the new permit information.

Any payments made against the permit can be entered using the Payments feature and can be easily included into ad-hoc or canned reports.

The License and Permits module can be associated with the Properties, Facilities, or Reserves modules, providing a comprehensive understanding of your assets and permitting condition.

The Facilities module is used to track information about any standalone, existing structures, like buildings, houses, or plants located on a property, owned or leased. Using the Facilities module, you can make the association between the facility and the property to which it belongs. Same as the Properties module, the Facilities module is integrated with both the Photos utility and Documents utility, allowing users to upload and store relevant photos and documents.

The Reserves module holds the data associated with the Reserve type and quantities. With this module, you will also be able to track the production rates and adjustments for Limestone, Sand, and Gravel quarries, or any other owned or leased quarries. Because we understand how important  Reserve data is, the Reserve module includes an approval process. The approval is triggered at three levels. The final level has an option to lock down the final numbers.

The Reserves module can be associated with corresponding facilities through the Facilities module, if needed.

The Audits module offers an easy way to record audit results throughout your organization. This module has been built as a questionnaire and is fully integrated with the core functionality of the Integral platform. Users will answer questions with Yes, No or N/A, and record any findings or issues, if necessary. Depending on the urgency of the issue/finding, managers can schedule escalation of the issue and decide who in the organization will receive the escalation notice. Resolution of the issue can also be recorded and will automatically stop the escalation process.

A number of built-in reports are included in the Audits module, along with the capability to do ad-hoc reports.

The Tasks Management module is part of the Integral platform’s core functionality and is very powerful when integrated with any of the other modules. Managers are able to set up and assign tasks for their team members and track the completion of each task. In fact, any user of the system can set-up their own tasks.

You will never miss completing a task again. Each task can have multiple email reminders and each reminder can be sent to multiple users, allowing you to keep track of when a renewal date of a permit or lease is coming due.

All modules are part of the Integral platform’s core functionality and are fully integrated with the Integral platform’s security model. Different users will have different access levels, and therefore only have the ability to view, edit, add, or view information they have clearance for.

System Administrators can configure access levels without ENKON’s involvement. The approval process can be easily configured for the appropriate users using the Administration module. The System Administrators have complete access to set-up the approval process and configure permissions without requiring ENKON’s involvement.