EasyMap – A Map Viewer for Land Assets

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Integral Map Viewer

Map Viewer Capabilities

The Integral application suite includes our EasyMap module that is used to display your land information in a map interface. EasyMap provides a visual representation of your parcels, site boundaries, permit boundaries, leased areas, reserves, and much more in one powerful map viewer. This information is overlaid onto Google Maps to provide a great base map and reference. Mapping is fully integrated into the Integral platform’s core functionality, such as security, and can be used to navigate to data management forms to display all of your land information on the map. All data entered in other modules, such as Properties, Agreements, Permits, or Facilities, is shown, in real time, on the corresponding maps.

The Integral mapping solution can be seamlessly integrated with your GIS department’s layers using our EasyMap viewing technology.

Mapping Options

EasyMap has two versions: Basic and Advanced. With the Basic Map View, users can see the location of your Sites, Properties, Facilities, Buildings, etc. overlaid on top of Google maps. The Advanced Map View is compatible with ESRI products such as ArcGIS Server and offers a much more detailed view of your properties and land assets, convenient access to critical data sets, and the ability to view data from other modules in the system. The mapping solution can contain as many GIS layers as you need. The layers and the symbology shown can be set-up and managed by your GIS experts or by ENKON’s GIS experts.

Mapping Security

Because mapping is part of the Integral platform, the same security is applied throughout the solution. Users are only be able to see the data they have access to using the existing layers.