Data Integration & Migration


ENKON develops web services and adapters used to integrate your existing software products with the Integral-LIS application suite. From financial systems to GIS applications, we work with you to find the best solution for data integration and migration to ensure a seamless transition.

Our security minded development team has extensive experience collecting, converting and saving your data to ensure it remains secure throughout the transition process.

Data Integration

Integrate your existing systems with the Integral-LIS application suite through ENKON’s numerous adapters.  With a variety of industry-specific packages and supporting modules, we will help you integrate the Integral-LIS into your operations and for your unique data management needs.

Data Migration

Our team has extensive experience entering, uploading, and migrating client data into the Integral-LIS application suite. From importing spreadsheets to scanning hard copies of permits, agreements and contracts, ENKON has the expertise and software tools required to provide high-quality services in a cost-effective manner. 

Examples of our data migration services include:

  • Creating import utilities for MS Excel, MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle and many other software applications
  • Scanning and conversion of hard copy reports and documents
  • Collection, compilation and entry of information at your plants and facilities
  • General data collection and conversion
  • Sourcing and processing aerial photography
  • Conversion of GIS datasets

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