Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Integral-LIS application suite includes a powerful built-in map viewer, Integral-LIS Spatial (formerly EasyMap) to blend powerful geographic information systems (GIS) functionality with an intuitive interface design. Integral-LIS Spatial integrates with Google Maps and can consume maps generated by ArcGIS Server and opensource GIS servers to make it easy to utilize and manage your GIS data sets within Integral-LIS.

ENKON provides a range of services aimed at supporting the design of efficient and useful GIS mapping applications to meet your specific information management needs that include:

General GIS Services

Data Processing GIS Services

land management software

We specialize in the conversion of non-georeferenced corporate CAD data (engineering drawings, mini-surveys, building plans, etc.) to well-attributed spatial datasets.

land management
GIS mapping software

Imagery GIS Service

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